Leotec Digital Photo Frame LEDPF02 Leaflet

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· USB 2.0
· SD / MMC / MS card compatible
· Remote control included
· Built-in speaker
· High resolution 7” LCD screen
· AV out
· Image format: JPG
· Audio format: MP3 / WMA
· Video format: MP4 / AVI
· Photo rotation, preview and zoom
· Low consumption: 10 W max
Digital Photo Frame
One for all
Tired of watching always the same photo decorating your 
Now you can display your favorite photo collection without 
taking almost any space: the LEOTEC digital photo frame 
will allow you to have them all together and show them 
one by one automatically.
You won’t have to discard photos that you like because 
of lack of space!
Its  elegant  and  minimalist  design  fits  everywhere,  and 
its 7” LCD high resolution screen shows images with a 
perfect definition.
Easy operation
You only have to insert your SD / MMC or MS  card  full 
of photos and it will be ready to work. Besides, for more 
convenience, it has USB 2.0 connection.
It doesn’t matter the orientation of the pictures, you will 
be  able  to  turn  them  until  they  fit  the  frame,  and  even 
zoom in the areas you like most.
Low consumption
The working consumption of the frame is so low that you 
will not even notice it: only 10 W max.
Besides playing your photos, you can also accompany 
them with background music, and even you will be able 
to use the frame as a MP4 movie player.