Nissin MARK II DI622 User Manual

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for Canon EOS digital SLR cameras
for Nikon digital SLR cameras
Nissin Japan Ltd., Tokyo
Nissin Marketing Ltd., Hong Kong
Nissin Di622 Mark II is designed for digital SLR cameras with hotshoe 
and the latest TTL flash control technology.
Note: No film camera can be used with Di622 Mark II.
Attach Di622 Mark II to your camera, and then almost all jobs are 
controlled by the camera for the most proper exposure.
Read this instruction manual and refer your canera owner’s manual to 
enjoy flash photography.
The compatibility list of Di622 Mark II, please check at our official 
The flash unit contains high voltage electric parts.  Do not try 
to open or repair the flash unit.  Return it back to the repair 
service station or the store you bought it.
Do not touch the inside parts from the opening when the unit 
was dropped and broken.
Do not fire the flash direct to the eye at short distance.  It may 
damage the eye. When taking flash picture especially 
toward a baby, it is recommended to keep the flash unit at 
least 1 meter (3.3feet) away from the subject.
Or use diffuser or bounce the light to the ceiling or to the wall 
to soften its intensity.
Do not use the flash unit in the flammable gas, chemicals or 
such liquids.  It may cause fire or electric shock.
Do not leave or store the flash unit in the temperature over 
40°C, such like in the automobile.
The flash unit is not water resistant. Keep the unit away from 
rain, snow and humidity.
Do not use benzene, thinner or other alcoholic agents to 
clean the unit. 
Do not use this flash with the cameras which is not listed in 
the compatibility list at our official website, otherwise it may 
damage the camera’s circuitry.
Remove the batteries when not in use for a longer period of 
This sign refers the danger or serious damage.
This sign refers the damage or defect.