Medela Lactina and Classic Breast Pump User Manual

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If gas sterilization is used, residual testing is recom-
mended to determine the proper length of aeration.
2. Home Sanitizing
Prior to first use and before first use each day:
Disassemble, wash and rinse all parts of your kit and breast-
pump that come in contact with the breast and milk. Tubing,
cylinder and piston, including rubber parts, should be washed
weekly, at minimum, or when milk or condensation is visible.
*If using Classic
Breastpump parts, DO
(See item #5 on Classic Breastpump parts list, 
page 13)
• Place parts in a 4-5 quart pan.
• Fill to within 1 inch of rim with cold water.
• Cover and boil for 20 minutes.
• Remove from stove, drain water off and allow parts 
to cool in open pan. NOTE: Do not set pan back on 
hot burner.
• Remove all parts and allow to air dry on a clean 
surface.  Cover parts when not in use.
3.  Home and Hospital Cleaning
After each use:
• Take apart and wash all parts that come in contact with
the breast and milk (except Classic breastpump
barrier/filter) in soapy water.
• Rinse in clear water.
• Air-dry on clean towel and cover parts when not in use. 
Barrier Filter
Please read this section before using your Medela 
Cleaning and Sterilization
Follow these cleaning instructions in the hospital or at home
unless you are told otherwise by your physician or another
medical professional.
1. Hospital Sterilization
Prior to first use (if kit is in non-sterile packaging) and before
first use in the morning:
All disassembled parts can be autoclaved to a maxi-
mum of 272°F for 3 minutes at 29 PSIG or 250°F for
15 minutes at 15 PSIG.
To avoid damage during and immediately 
after sterilization:
- Sterilize parts without applying 
external pressure to them.
- Allow parts to cool before applying 
external pressure.
Autoclaving the tubing may cause clouding or 
discoloration which will not affect kit performance.
Health and Safety 
This product has been designed for single patient use and
should not be shared between patients unless properly 
sterilized between uses.
Take apart all parts of your accessory kit prior to cleaning
and sterilization. Take special care to remove the valve from
the breastshield and separate the membrane from the valve
prior to cleaning or sterilization (see parts 2, 3, and 4 on
breastpump parts lists).