MB Quart Nautic Amplifier NAU260 User Manual

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MB Quart has an incredible Marine amplifier lineup with 2 channel, 4 channel 
and 6 channel models available. All NAU models feature the following:
-  American Boat and Yacht Council compliant Power and Speaker terminals.
- Gold plated Power and Speaker terminals.
- Gold plated RCA connections.
- Marine Grade Conformal Coated circuit board to resist corrosion from salt      
  spray and moisture.
- Non-Corrosive Aluminum extrusion.
- UV and salt spray resistant silk screen and paint.
By purchasing an amplifier from MB Quart, you have decided on a product of the 
highest technical quality. MB Quart wishes you great enjoyment with your amplifier. 
Should you  have any questions about this system or other MB Quart products, 
please email us at info@maxxsonics.com 
Installation Manual
NAU260 / NAU460 / NAU660