DCN MRS-PWR-B1-AC, 220V AC Power Supply (600W) for DCRS-7608 R3 610401GPWR-B1AC User Manual

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DCRS-7600 Series   
IPv6 10G Chassis Core Routing Switch 
DCRS-7604                           DCRS-7608 
Product Overview 
Digital China Networks DCRS-7600 Series is high performance chassis switch, which consists of two 
z  DCRS-7604 is 4 slots Chassis Switch. It can work with one or two management modules 
and 3 or 2 business modules. It has business ports on the management modules which enable 
high density.   
z  DCRS-7608 has 10 slots. It has 2 management slots and 8 business slots. All business slots 
configuration can be any combination of network interface modules.   
With redundant power supply, fans and management modules, the Digital China DCRS-7600 Series 
ensures continuous operation and fully redundant system. Moreover, all parts are hot swappable. They 
can be added or exchanged without interrupting the whole system. 
The DCRS-7600 series is ideal for the core layer of campuses, enterprise networks and the aggregation 
layer of IP metropolitan networks. 
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