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Looks after your security 
so you can look after your business
The Internet, email and other forms of electronic communications have become a core part of daily life for every business. 
Viruses that were once an annoyance have given way to complex blends of malicious code specifically designed to steal 
information,  otherwise  known  as  ‘crimeware’:  malicious  code  created  for  the  purpose  of  making  money  illegally.  Criminal 
organisations focus on harvesting enough personal information to steal people’s identities, and they do this over the Internet. 
Their primary target is the data companies keep on their customers. It often contains bank or credit card details.
If your business uses the Internet, then you need Kaspersky
 Small Office Security. Hourly updates and the security industry’s 
highest detection rates keep you safe online and ensure that emails and online content remain malware free, maintaining the 
integrity of your valuable and sensitive data.
Why Choose Kaspersky
 Small Office Security  
Kaspersky Lab has long been the expert’s choice for superior protection  
technology. And now there is a version created with your small office in mind.  
Fast and easy installation, with sensible defaults that let you protect all your systems  
effortlessly, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running your business - without worrying about security.  
Restoring Your Systems And Your Data  
 Small Office Security constantly monitors for suspicious behaviour. Once malicious behaviour is detected the process 
is blocked and any changes made by the malicious code are rolled back. Your system is clean and your original data intact.
Key Benefits 
  Award-winning protection against all online threats, hackers & spam 
  Ensures the integrity of valuable & sensitive data 
  Scales as your business grows 
  Minimum impact on system performance 
  Quick & simple to install; easy to use
  Designed with the small office in mind
  Security updates every hour to protect against new threats 
   Antivirus, antispyware, firewall, application control, proactive 
defence, intrusion prevention
Additional Features  
  Proactive protection from even the newest malicious programs 
  Automatically protects your email and web traffic
   Personal firewall with intrusion detection and prevention to keep out hackers  
and the tools they use
  Security when working on any type of network, including Wi-Fi hotspots
  Self-defence technology stops malicious programs disabling your antivirus solution
  Quarantine storage of suspicious objects
  Automatic hourly updating of threat protection 
Small Office Security
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