EXFO Photonic Solutions Div. FTB-5230 User Manual

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Either in the field or at the central office, the FTB-5230 gets the job done.
Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Monitoring wavelength and power drift is essential in CWDM systems.
Measuring peak power, integrated power as well as total in-channel power enables an extremely tight
control of the network.
Since CWDM systems generally use uncooled lasers,
whose typical wavelength drift is 0.1 nm per degree
Celsius, it is critical to track the evolution and drift of
the lasers’ central wavelength. And since path
attenuation can significantly vary within a single
channel, passband drift also creates power drift. This is
why it becomes extremely important to monitor—
simultaneously for all CWDM channels—the evolution
of peak power and wavelength over time. The FTB-5230
Optical Spectrum Analyzer’s Drift mode functionalities
makes this an easy task.
With channels as wide as CWDM channels,
monitoring peak power is not enough. The chosen
OSA must be able to track the total in-channel power—
a feature only offered by EXFO’s FTB-5230.
The FTB-5230 Optical Spectrum Analyzer is truly
optimized for DWDM/CWDM applications, and ready
for the field-testing challenges they bring. Like all of
EXFO’s OSAs, it comes with high-end optical
specifications, as well as the added and unique
advantage of being rugged, portable and battery-
EXFO’s exclusive ToolBox software suite runs the test
module applications on the FTB-400 Universal Test
System. Easy-to-read graphics and clear instructions
simplify testing and increase productivity in the field. 
All applications supported by the FTB-400 have a
common graphical user interface.
Simplify testing and stay on schedule with one-button
testing and the FTB-5230’s integrated software. If your
deadline is tomorrow, the last thing you need is
software that will slow you down. Turn on the unit and
the last settings are ready for CWDM system
characterization. Press Start, and within seconds, you
receive your data.
The Choice for CWDM OSA Testing