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Installation and Upgrade 
2.3.5  System BIOS Upgrade Procedure 
The notebook supports EPROM Flash BIOS that allows you to easily update the system BIOS 
using the Phoenix BIOS Flash utility program called “PHLASH.COM”. This program runs 
under MS-DOS and requires the system not to load high memory like HIMEM.SYS. It also 
needs the “PLATFORM.BIN” file in order to activate.  
Follow the steps below on how to update the system BIOS: 
1.  Prepare a clean bootable diskette without loading the HIMEM.SYS. Copy the files 
PHLASH.COM and PLATFORM.BIN into the diskette along with the BIOS ROM file. 
2.  Restart the computer and boot from the diskette. At the DOS prompt, type the command 
PHLASH <BIOSfile.ROM>” to activate Flash BIOS programming utility. The 
computer will then start to update the system BIOS inside the notebook. 
3.  After programming is complete, the system will prompt you to press any key to shutdown 
the computer. The BIOS version is displayed inside the BIOS Setup Main menu. Press 
<F2> after power on to run CMOS Setup program. 
BIOS Version  : 1.0A-0004-3430 
It is very important not to power off the system whenever the FLASH BIOS 
program is running. Otherwise, the system may not be able to power on and you 
need to replace the BIOS EPROM chip from another working notebook. 
Always plug in the AC adapter when updating the BIOS. 
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