Canon LV-X6 Instruction Manual

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4. Convenient Features
 Using the Remote Mouse Receiver 
(LV-7250 only)
The remote mouse receiver enables you to operate your computer’s mouse functions from the remote control. It is a
great convenience for clicking through your computer-generated presentations.
Connecting the remote mouse receiver to your computer
If you wish to use the remote mouse function, connect the mouse receiver and computer.
The mouse receiver can be connected directly to the computer’s USB port (type A).
NOTE: Depending on the type of connection or OS installed on your computer, you may have to restart your computer or change
your computer settings.
Remote mouse receiver
To USB port of PC or Macintosh
When operating a computer via the remote mouse receiver
Remote sensor on the remote mouse receiver
7m/22 feet
When connecting using the USB terminal
For PC, the mouse receiver can only be used with a Windows 98/Me/XP*, Windows 2000 or Mac OS X 10.0.0 or later
operating system.
* NOTE: In SP1 or older version of Windows XP, if the mouse cursor will not move correctly, do the following:
Clear the Enhance pointer precision check box underneath the mouse speed slider in the Mouse Properties dialog box [Pointer
Options tab].
NOTE: Wait at least 5 seconds after disconnecting the mouse receiver before reconnecting it and vice versa. The computer may
not identify the mouse receiver if it is repeatedly connected and disconnected in rapid intervals.
Remote Control Precautions
• Handle the remote control carefully.
• If the remote control gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
• Avoid excessive heat and humidity.
• Do not heat, take apart, or throw batteries into fire.
• Ensure that you have the batteries' polarity (+/-) aligned correctly.
• If you will not be using the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries.
• Do not place the batteries upside down.
• Do not use new and old batteries together, or use different types of batteries together.
• Dispose of used batteries according to your local regulations.