Aroma ABT-218SB User Manual

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1.  When done with cooking, set the timer to “OFF” position.
2.  Unplug the oven.
3.  Always allow the oven to cool complete before cleaning.
4.  Remove food residue by suing a non-abrasive cleaning pad.
5.  Clean the oven interior with a soapy, damp dishcloth.
6.  Clean the rack, oil drip tray and crumb tray with immersing in 
     warm, soapy water.  Clean with a sponge and rinse thoroughly 
     with water.  Let dry or wipe with paper towel.
7.  Wipe clean the oven door and body with a damp cloth.
1.  DO NOT immerse the toaster oven in water or any liquid.
2.  DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or scouring pad for cleaning.
3.  DO NOT use the oven or accessories if still WET.
4.  DO NOT wipe clean the heating elements.
5.  DO NOT use dishwasher to clean the oven and all accessories.
6.  Make sure the slide-in crumb tray is cleaned in a regular basis.
     The built-up crumbs could cause fire if the crumb tray is not 
     cleaned every 3 to 5 uses.
    The crumb tray is located on the bottom of the oven.  Place the 
    oven on countertop near kitchen sink, loosen the snap closure from 
    bottom, and clean the crumbs to kitchen sink. Wipe crumb tray with 
    damp cloth before and dry before next use.  It is suggested to clean 
    the crumb tray in a regular basis (for example, clean once a week 
    with soapy water and rinse clean), this would prevent accumulated 
    crumbs from getting burned and cause fire .