APW Wyott X-TREME2 XTRM-2H Leaflet

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 XTRM-2 (1.5” opening)     XTRM-2H (3” opening)
Designed Smart
Built Solid
APW Wyott Design Features
Radiant Conveyor Toaster
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Rev. 10/22/2005
Built to Last
• Stainless steel construction for XTREME durability.
• XTREME heavy duty motor, drive chain, and controls are the 
most reliable in the industry.
• “XTREME SMART” air cooling system keeps critical components 
safe from heat.
• High limit switch prevents toaster from over heating.
• Metal sheathed heating elements.
• Provide enhanced durability and consumer safety vs. quartz 
tube heating elements that can shatter and cantaminate food. 
• Individually controlled top and bottom heating elements.
• Superfeeder included.
• Removable reflector tray for ease in cleaning.
• Self-dispensing bread drawer slides forward for 
removal of product.
• High temperature bearings never require lubrication.
• Standby switch conserves energy during slow periods.
• Lighted main power rocker switch.
• Stainless steel construction with aluminum front corners.
• Fully insulated and air-cooled (cool to the touch exteriors).
• 1” adjustable legs
See reverse side for product specifications.
• Stacking Kit
Reliability backed by APW Wyott’s Warranty
• All APW Wyott toasters are backed by a 1-year parts and 
labor warranty, including on-site service calls within 50 
miles of authorized service technicians.
• Certified by the following agencies:
Developed for XTreme output!
• “XTREME SPEED” design combines new radiant heat system with 
our exclusive convection pre-heat system.
• Pre-heat convection system focuses hot air on bread in loading 
zone, pre-drying bread before toasting chamber.
• “XTREME SMART” air circulaftion system senses the perfect 
temperature in toaster cavity for the fastest startup.
• Xtreme-2 produces 800 slices of toast per hour.  
• Xtreme-2H produces 600 slices of toast per hour.
XTreme Versatility!
• A variable speed control for the conveyor as well as controls for 
top and bottom heating elements produce optimum results in 
toasting color and texture.
• Able to handle all types of breads, bagels or muffins.
XTreme Safety!
• New “Xtreme Smarts” (exclusive patent) protects employees from 
burns by keeping exteriors at “Xtreme Cool” temperatures.
• “Xtreme Smarts” are circulation system keeps cooling air 
circulating in toaster, even after the power switch is turned off 
protecting components and exteriors from excessive residual heat.
• Attractive front burn guard protects employees hands as they 
reach for toast in holding chamber.
Energy Efficient!
• Power-saver stand-by switch for short off-periods helps reduce 
energy by 50% and allows quick reheating.
Easy to Maintain and Service!
• Crumb tray under conveyor easily slides out for easy cleaning.
• Conveyor belt is easy to access for daily cleaning.
• Access to control systems from side panel for fast and easy