Bosch Appliances Music Mixer PLE-1MA030-EU User Manual

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Plena Mixer Amplifier | Installation and User Instructions | Connections and settings
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Emergency inputs
The Tel. emergency/100V input, with VOX 
functionality, is used for receiving emergency 
announcements or signals (such as a fire alarm). This 
input has absolute priority, and will overrule all inputs 
when an emergency announcement or signal is 
Either a telephone line or a 100 V input signal can be 
connected to the Euro style pluggable screw terminal 
connector (1) at the rear of the unit. See section 
and section
To adjust the volume of the emergency announcement 
or signal, turn the rotary dial (2) at the rear of the unit. 
For safety reasons, the volume of the emergency 
announcement or signal cannot be set to zero.
The master volume control setting (5) does not influence 
the volume setting of the emergency announcement or 
Connecting 100 Volt input signal
Connect the 100 Volt input signal as shown in 
figure 4.5.
Never connect telephone lines and a 100 V 
signal to the Euro style connector at the same 
Tel. emergency input does not mute the 
incoming signal so that an incoming pilot tone 
will be fed to the zone outputs. With this feature 
it is possible to use the mixer amplifier in a 
Bosch Voice Alarm System when using end of 
line boards (PLN-1EOL). 
The signal that is delivered to the unit should be 
quiet when a call is not made. The pilot tone and 
frequencies below 300 Hz are filtered from the 
trigger signal so that the input will not trigger 
from a pilot tone or low frequency rumble.
figure 4.5: Connecting 100 Volt input signal