Bosch 2000 User Manual

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2000 Series | Program Entry Guide | 7.0 
ABC Keys 
EN | 27 
Bosch Security Systems | 7/05 | 35114F 
7.0 ABC 
Use the prompts in this group to set the report code, 
the custom text, and alarm output for the keypad’s 
ABC keys. 
You can program the relay outputs (Terminals 9 and 
10) to respond to these keys in Section 13.0  Relays. 
Users must press the [A], [B], [C] keys 
twice to activate them. This double action 
prevents accidental activation. 
If using a four-button key chain keypad, its special (*) 
key performs the same functions as the C key. 
1 A-Key Report 
Selection:  0 to 9 
Two digits required for Pulse Format
Enter the report the system transmits to the receiver 
when a user presses the [A] key, [B] key, or [C] key. 
The control panel does not send reports for the 00 
default entry. 
Review your entries for the prompts in Section 4.0 
before you program this prompt. 
Modem Format Example: If you enter 25 at the 
Key Report
 prompt, the system transmits ALARM 
REPORT POINT=025, when you press the [A] key. 
Pulse Format Example: The first digit you program 
here sets the report group. The second digit sets the 
point number. If you enter 10 at the 
A-Key Report
prompt, the system transmits an Alarm Report, Report 
Group 1, Point 0. 
Do not enter a report that conflicts with 
other system or point reports. Refer to 
Section 4.2 Pulse Report Groups for all 
system and point reports. Test the A, B, C 
keys to make certain they transmit the 
expected reports. 
2 A-Key Alarm Output 
No Output
Selection:  No Output, Steady, Pulse
0 No 
1 Steady 
2 Pulse 
These prompts set the system response to the key 
at the Alarm Output, Terminals 4 and 5. Set the 
prompt to Steady for steady output. A user must 
enter a passcode at the keypad to silence the 
output before bell time expires. 
Set the prompt to Pulse for a pulsed (fire) output at 
the Alarm Output.  
If the system is programmed for the Modem 
transmission format (refer to Section 4.0 
, the control panel sends a fire 
A user must enter a passcode at the keypad to 
silence the output before bell time expires. 
3 A-Key Ack Tone 
Selection:  Yes, No
0 No
1 Yes 
When this prompt is set to Yes, the system sounds 
an acknowledgment tone at the keypad when the 
receiver acknowledges the report sent by the 
activation of the key. 
If the key is not programmed to send reports (refer 
A-Key Report prompt)
, no acknowledgment 
tone occurs. 
4 A-Key Text 
A key 
(B key, C key)
Selection:  A to Z, 0 to 9, 
! # , - / : < >
Enter up to sixteen characters of custom text. The 
system displays this text when the A key is active.