Bosch 2000 User Manual

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2000 Series | Program Entry Guide | 18.0 
Keypad Programming 
EN | 68 
Bosch Security Systems | 7/05 | 35114F 
18.7  Keypad Programming Tips 
Be careful when backspacing, you can backspace 
beyond your entry and into the first line of the 
display. If this happens, press the [CLEAR] key 
and start your entry over again. 
You can exit Modify Mode at any prompt without 
changing the entry by pressing the [CLEAR] key. 
When you are not sure of your entry or location 
while keypad programming, pressing the 
[CLEAR] key is always the safest action. 
View Mode always shows you the current value of 
any prompt. 
Numbers can be entered directly, except at 
prompts for custom text. For example, to enter “5” 
in the telephone number, you can press the [5] 
key. You do not need to use the scroll list. 
The [B] key scrolls backwards through the scroll 
lists. Sometimes the quickest route to the character 
you want is backwards. For example, the quickest 
way to get from the first character in the text scroll 
list, “A,” to the “space” character, the last 
character, is by pressing the [B] key.