Bosch Appliances Convection Oven HBL54 User Manual

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Monoxide is a potential cause of reproductive toxicity. Exposure to these 
substances can be minimized by:
1. Providing good ventilation when cooking with gas. 
2. Providing good ventilation during and immediately after self-cleaning the oven.
3. Operating the unit according to the instructions in this manual.
When self-cleaning, confirm that the door locks and will not open. If the door does 
not lock, do not run Self-Clean. Contact service.
Wipe out excessive spillage before self-cleaning the oven.
Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems . Keep pet birds out of the kitchen or 
other rooms where kitchen fumes could reach them. During self-clean, fumes are 
released that may be harmful to birds. Other kitchen fumes such as overheating 
margarines and cooking oils may also be harmful.
Keep oven free from grease build up.
Cookware Safety
Do not place food directly on oven bottom.
Follow the manufacturer's directions when using cooking or roasting bags.
Do not clean parts or accessories in the self-clean oven.
Important Safety Instructions