Bosch Appliances Radio LE10 User Manual

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LE10 Radio Receiver
F.01U.278.517 | V2.0 | 2012.11
User Manual
Bosch Security Systems
Delete a transmitter
To start deleting: 
Press button T1 for min. 5 seconds and max. 10 seconds.
Device behavior
The green LED stays permanently on, then after 5 seconds 
blinks fast 5 times.
The red LED stays off and then blinks for 30 seconds.
Within these 30 seconds, activate the transmitter that you want 
to delete, the following behavior should be observed:
The green LED stays permanently on.
The red LED stays permanently on for 5 seconds and then 
turns off.
This indication confirms that the transmitter is deleted. You can 
repeat the sequence with another transmitter.
Delete all transmitters
To start deleting
Press button T1 for minimum 20 seconds and maximum 40 
Device behavior
The green LED stays permanently on, then after 5 seconds, 
blinks fast 5 times. After 20 seconds, the green LED will 
blink for 20 seconds.
At that moment, the red LED lights up permanently for 5 
seconds then turns off.
This indication confirms that all transmitters are then deleted.
Per sequence only one transmitter can be deleted.
If button T1 is pressed longer than 40 seconds, then the LE10 
Radio Receiver will jump out of the programming mode.