Bosch Appliances Radio LE10 User Manual

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LE10 Radio Receiver
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Bosch Security Systems
User Manual
F.01U.278.517 | V2.0 | 2012.11
Relay 2 switches on permanently until the battery is 
replaced and the transmitter is activated again.
Device behavior when the battery is replaced in a transmitter
The green LED stays permanently on.
When the transmitter is activated:
The red LED stops blinking every 10 seconds, and lights up 
permanently for 10 seconds.
Relay 1 switches on for 10 seconds.
Relay 2 switches off.
Dementia (mode 3)
Activation of a MIYS37L Wristband Transmitter
Device behavior
The green LED stays permanently on.
When a MIYS37L transmitter is activated:
The red LED lights up permanently for 7 seconds.
Relay 1 switches on for 7 seconds.
1 second after Relay 1, Relay 2 switches on for 3 seconds.
The procedure is repeated if a MIYS37L transmitter is activated 
Device behavior when a MIYS37L transmitter has a low 
The green LED stays permanently on.
When the MIYS37L transmitter is activated:
The red LED blinks twice for 2 seconds and then lights up 
permanently red for 5 seconds.
Relay 1 and Relay 2 behave as above.
In normal mode 2, the red LED is deactivated regarding battery-
low indication and will not blink every 10 seconds.