Bosch Appliances Radio LE10 User Manual

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LE10 Radio Receiver
F.01U.278.517 | V2.0 | 2012.11
User Manual
Bosch Security Systems
Product information
General description
The LE10 Radio Receiver is designed to receive radio signals 
from different Bosch radio transmitters at the frequency of 
434.01 MHz. After receiving radio signals from either 
programmed or not programmed wireless transmitters, the 
LE10 Radio Receiver reacts by activating its two green and red 
LEDs and by switching relay outputs of two relays.
Figure 2.1
Front view of the LE10 Radio Receiver
Compatible transmitters
All of the following Bosch wireless transmitters are compatible 
with the LE10 Radio Receiver:
MIYS37 Wristband Transmitters
MIYS37L Wristband Transmitters with Locating function
MIYS37E Wristband Transmitters with Accompany function
MIYS35 Pendant Transmitters
MIYMD ManDown Sensors
MIYRAC Wireless Contact
LED 1 (green)
LED 2 (red)