Contemporary Research ICC/ICW-HE Leaflet

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ead End Network Controllers
2-Way RF and Wired Networking
Contemporary Research offers two solutions for intelligent television control and distributed media management, the
ICC-HE and ICW-HE Head-End Network Controllers. Both units are capable of networking up to 4,000 iC-Net TV
Controllers, Display Controllers and Tuners into a unified, interactive system. 
Compatible with
ABC Media
Retrieval System and iC Commander software, as well as custom control systems, the Head-End Network
controllers send and receive all commands from a single RS-232 control port.
The ICW-HE provides 2-way iCW-Net networking, distributing iC-Net commands and responses over Category 5 or
Category 3 wiring. Three iCW-Net ports are included, each capable of connecting thousands of ICW-Net format
controllers over wiring runs of up to 3,300 feet (1 Km). In addition, iCW-Net data can be sent to remote locations
over fiber and videoconferencing codecs.  
The ICC-HE features the same iCW-Net capabilities as well as distributing iCC-Net data over the CATV cable.
Employing clear-channel RF frequencies to transmit and receive data, the iCC-Net network is compatible with any
CATV system without conflict with existing channels. The bi-directional network operates over a standard low-split
cable system, simplifying installation and support.
Applications include educational television systems, presentation rooms, auditoriums, pay-per-view, theme parks,
museums and industrial video networks.
Networks up to 4,000 TVs through wired iCW-Net and broadband CATV iCC-Net protocol
—  iCC-Net operates through same CATV coax as TV channels, requires no additional wiring
Clear-channel send and receive frequencies compatible with all CATV distribution systems
Operates over a standard low-split cable system, simplifying installation and support.
—  iCW-Net distributes data over standard Category 5 or 3 wiring
Compatible with fiber optic cable, or codec network data distribution
Sends commands to individual devices, zones, or all units from a single RS-232 port
Interacts with ABC Media Retrieval Systems, iC Commander software, or custom control systems
Includes local control buttons and I/O ports that can trigger events in PC software or control systems
Provides LED feedback for network, control, and operation status
Restores operation status after loss of power from data stored in non-volatile memory
Mounts on shelf or 19” equipment rack