Clearplay CLEAR PLAY CP-427-USB User Manual

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clearplaY end User license aGreeMent
your rIght to use the content fIlterIng software anD content fIlters InstalleD on thIs DeVIce Is 
granteD solely pursuant to the terms of thIs enD user lIcense agreement (“agreement”). your rIght 
to use aDDItIonal content fIlters on thIs DeVIce Is lImIteD solely to those content fIlters lIcenseD 
by or through clearplay Inc. (anD/or Its supplIers) anD your rIght to use such aDDItIonal content 
fIlters Is granteD solely anD shall be goVerneD by the enD user lIcense agreement accompanyIng 
such content fIlters. you unDerstanD anD agree that by usIng the content fIlterIng software anD /
or the content fIlters InstalleD on thIs DeVIce, you (“lIcensee”) haVe agreeD to be bounD by the terms 
anD conDItIons of thIs agreement.
filters. the term “filter” means each aggregated data set specific to a work of authorship, licensed by or through cle arplay Inc. 
and or its suppliers, that permits the selection of the level and types of content management desired by licensee with respect 
to such work of authorship.
software. the term “software” means the proprietary combination of firmware and other code installed on this device that 
is licensed by or through clearplay Inc. and /or its suppliers which enables a filter to provided a specified level of content 
Device. the term “Device” means the electronic medium on which the software and filters are bundled by clearplay Inc or its 
authorized suppliers.
Internal use rights. licensee is herby granted a limited, personal use only, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable 
right and license to use the software and filters installed on the Device on the date of purchase of the Device by licensee. 
licensee understands and agrees that the foregoing license that does not extend to use of any additional or different software, 
technology or filters with such software that performs the same or similar functionality as the rights in the software and filters. 
except for the foregoing limited license grant, licensee obtains no other rights in the software and filters installed on this Device 
(including any copies thereof) and the suppliers of such software or filters retain all right, title, interest, including all patent rights, 
copyrights and other such rights in and to the software and filters installed on this Device. the foregoing license is not a sale of 
such software or filters.
restrictions. licensee shall not, and shall not attempt to or permit any third party to, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, de-
compile, or otherwise attempt (i) to defeat, avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate or otherwise circumvent any software protection 
mechanisms in the software or filters installed on this Device, including any used to restrict or control the use of the software 
solely with filters licensed by or through clearplay Inc. and /or its supplier, or (ii) to derive the source code or the underlying 
ideas, algorithms, structure or organization from such software or filters, except to the extent any of the foregoing restrictions are 
prohibited by applicable law.
termination. licensee’s license may be immediately terminated upon any attempted violation of the terms of this agreement.
no warrantIes, none of the supplIes of the software or fIlters InstalleD on thIs DeVIce make any warrantIes or 
conDItIons, express, ImplIeD or statutory, regarDIng such software or fIlters, IncluDIng wIthout lImItatIon the 
ImplIeD warrantIes or conDItIons of merchantabIlIty, fItness for a partIcular purpose, tItle, non-InfrIngement 
or accuracy.
no Indirect Damages. none of the suppliers of the software and filters installed on this device shall be liable to any party 
(including licensee) for any loss of data, loss of profits, cost of cover or other special, incidental, punitive, consequential, or indirect 
damages arising out of this agreement or the use of the software or filters installed on this device.
third party beneficiary. clearplay Inc. shall be a direct and intended third party beneficiary of this agreement and may enforce it 
directly against any licensee.
government restricted rights. programs delivered to the u.s. Defense Dept. are delivered with restricted rights and the following 
applies: “restricted rights legend: use, duplication or disclosure by government is subject to restrictions as currently set forth 
in subparagraph (c) (1) (ii) of Dfars 252-227-7013, rights in technical data and computer software (october 1988). clearplay 
Inc., 5284 south 320 west suite c134, salt lake city utah 84107. programs delivered to a us government agency not within the 
Defense, Dept. are delivered with “restricted rights” as defined in far 52.227-14, rights in Data-general, including alternate III 
(June 1987),”
export control. customer shall comply fully with all laws and regulations of the united states and other countries “export laws”) 
to assure that neither the programs, nor any direct products thereof are (1) exported, directly or indirectly, in violation of export 
laws, or (2) are used for any purpose prohibited by export laws, including, without limitation, nuclear, chemical, or biological 
weapons proliferation.
general. this license is governed by the laws of the state of utah without regard to its conflict of law rules. this license is the 
entire agreement between the suppliers and licensee. licensee may not assign this license except in connection with the sale 
of the product accompanying this license. If any provision of this license agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the 
remaining provisions of this license agreement will remain in full force.
patent 6.898.799. International patents pending.