Clas Ohlson KT-3268 User Manual

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Clock Radio  18-2924 
Model  KT-3268 UK VERSION
Please read the entire instruction manual before using the product 
and then save it for future reference. We reserve the right for 
any errors in text or images and any necessary changes made 
to technical data. In the event of technical problems or other 
queries, please contact our Customer Services.
•  The product should not be taken apart or modified. Certain 
non-shielded components inside the clock radio’s casing 
carry dangerous current. Contact with these can lead to fire 
or electric shock.
•  The clock radio is designed for indoor use only.
•  The clock radio should only be connected to a wall outlet 
with a 230 V, 50 Hz power supply.
•  Never expose the product to high temperatures from 
cookers, radiators or other types of heat sources. Never 
subject the clock radio to dusty environments, heavy 
vibration, impacts, humidity or moisture.
•  Never run its mains lead around sharp edges/corners or in 
such a way where its lead risks being pinched or damaged 
in some other fashion. Place the mains lead where there is 
no risk of people tripping over it.
•  Do not place the clock radio where there is a risk of it falling into 
water or other liquid. Do not place any objects containing 
liquid on the clock radio, such as vases, drinks, etc.
•  Do not cover the clock radio. Do not place the clock radio 
on soft, unstable surfaces such as on blankets, comforters 
or similar. Always place it on a solid flat surface to prevent it 
from possible overheating. Make sure to keep at least 5 cm 
of free space around the clock radio.
•  Switching off the clock radio with its power switch only 
puts it into standby mode. It does not totally cut it off from 
the mains. Pull the plug from the wall socket to disconnect 
the clock radio completely from the mains.
•  Remember always to protect your hearing. Listening on 
high volume for prolonged periods can lead to permanent 
hearing loss.
•  The clock radio must only be repaired by authorised service 
technicians and only using genuine spare parts.
Buttons and functions
1.  [ VOL+/AL2 ] volume up, alarm 2 settings
2.  [ VOL-/AL1 ] volume down, alarm 1 settings
3.  [ SNOOZE/DIMMER/SLEEP ]  settings
4.  [ MEMORY/TIME SET ] station presets, time settings
5.  [ TUNING-/HOUR ] Back, hour settings
6.  [ TUNING+/MINUTE ] Forward, minute settings
7.  [
/FUNCTION ] On/off, function settings
8.  PM indicator, 12-hour clock only
9.  Alarm 1 indicator with “buzzer” alarm
10. Alarm 1 indicator with radio alarm
11. Sleep timer indicator
12. Alarm 2 indicator with “buzzer” alarm
13. Alarm 2 indicator with radio alarm
14. Mains lead 
15. FM aerial
Operating instructions
•  Batteries are used for backup which preserve time settings 
during a power cut.
•  The display will not show the time during a power cut but all 
settings will be saved.
Note: The alarm will not sound when run strictly on the batteries.
1.  Open the battery cover on the bottom of the clock radio.
2.  Insert 2 × AA/LR06 batteries. Note the polarity markings in 
the battery compartment to ensure correct battery insertion.
3.  Refit the battery cover.