Behringer Xenyx 502 Owner's Manual

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XENYX 1202/1002/802/502 User Manual
The stereo inputs of the XENYX 1202 and 1002 have an input sensitivity switch 
which selects between +4 dBu and -10 dBV. At -10 dBV (home-recording 
level), the input is more sensitive (requires less level to drive it) than at +4 dBu 
(studio level).
2.3  Connector panel and main section
2.3.1  Send/return effects path
Fig. 2.7: FX send/return connectors
Fig. 2.8: FX send/return controls
802 only
: the STEREO AUX RETURN connectors are used to bring the output of 
the external effects device (whose input is derived from the aux sends) back into 
the console. You can instead use these connectors as additional inputs, but any 
effects device will then have to be brought back into the console via a normal 
stereo channel. This does, however, give you the ability to use the channel EQ on 
the effects return signal if you wish.
When using a stereo channel as effects return path, the FX control of 
the relevant channel should generally be turned fully down to avoid 
undesirable feedback.
If only the left connector is used, the AUX RETURN automatically operates in 
mono. Use the AUX RETURN control to determine how much of the effects signal 
is sent to the main mix.
The FX SEND output (does not apply for 502) should be connected to the input 
of an external effects unit. The post-fader FX signal you created using the 
input channel FX controls is sent to the effects unit via the FX SEND ouput. 
Use the FX SEND control of the main section to adjust the overall send level 
(1002 and 1202 only).
2.3.2  Monitor and main mix
The stereo PHONES jack (at the top of the connector panel) is where you connect 
headphones. The unbalanced CTRL ROOM OUT jacks carry the summed effects 
and main mix signals, as well as soloed channel signals. The PHONES/CONTROL 
ROOM control adjusts the level of both headphones and main monitor outputs. 
The 502 is not equipped with control room outputs.
Fig. 2.9: Monitor/main mix connectors
The MAIN OUT connectors are unbalanced mono jacks. The main mix signal 
appears here at a level of 0 dBu. The MAIN MIX fader adjusts the volume of these 
outputs. The XENYX 802 and 502 mixing consoles feature a rotary control for 
this purpose.
Fig. 2.10: Monitor control and main mix fader
2.3.3  2-Track connectors
The 2-TRACK INPUTs are used to bring an external signal source (e.g. CD player, 
tape deck, etc.) into the console. They can also be used as a standard stereo line 
input, so the output of a second XENYX or BEHRINGER ULTRALINK PRO MX882 can 
be connected.
Fig. 2.11: 2-Track input/output
Alternatively the line or tape output of a hi-fi amplifier with source selection 
switch could also be hooked up here, allowing you to easily listen to 
additional sources.