Bosch HBE5451UC Owner's Manual

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Tips for using your appliance
Here you will find a selection of tips about cookware and 
preparation methods.
Use the accessories provided. Additional accessories 
may be obtained as optional accessories from 
specialist retailers or from customer service.
Before using the oven, remove any unnecessary 
accessories and cookware from the cooking 
Always use oven gloves when taking hot accessories 
or cookware out of the cooking compartment.
Baking tins
Use light-colored baking tins and trays wherever 
Always place the baking tins on the middle of the 
baking and roasting wire rack.
Baking tips
How to tell whether sponge cake is 
baked through.
Approx. 10 minutes before the end of the baking time stated in the recipe, 
insert a toothpick into the cake at its deepest point. If the toothpick comes out 
clean, the cake is ready.
The cake collapses.
Use less fluid next time or set the oven temperature 50°F (10°C) lower. 
Observe the specified mixing times in the recipe.
The cake has risen in the middle 
but is lower around the edge.
Do not grease the sides of the springform cake tin. After baking, loosen the 
cake carefully with a knife.
The cake browns too much on top. Place it lower in the oven, select a lower temperature and bake the cake for a 
little longer.
The cake is too dry.
When it is done, make small holes in the cake using a toothpick. Then drizzle 
fruit juice or an alcoholic beverage over it. Next time, set the temperature 50°F 
(10°C) higher and reduce the baking time.
The bread or cake (e.g. cheese-
cake) looks good but is sticky on 
the inside (soggy with wet streaks).
Use slightly less fluid next time and bake for slightly longer at a lower tempera-
ture. For cakes with a moist topping, bake the base first. Sprinkle it with 
almonds or bread crumbs and then place the topping on top. Please follow the 
recipe and baking times.
The cake is unevenly browned.
Select a slightly lower temperature to ensure that the cake is baked more 
evenly. Excess greaseproof paper can affect the air circulation. For this reason, 
always trim greaseproof paper to fit the baking tray.
The bottom of a cake topped with 
fruit is too light.
Place the cake one level lower the next time.
The fruit juice overflows.
Next time, use the deeper universal pan, if you have one.
Small baked items made out of 
yeast dough stick to one another 
during baking.
There should be a gap of approx. 2 cm around each item. This gives enough 
space for the baked items to expand and turn brown on all sides.
Condensation forms when you bake 
moist cakes.
Baking may create water vapor, which escapes above the door. The steam may 
settle and form water droplets on the control panel or on the fronts of adjacent 
units. This is a natural process.