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Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless PTZ 
IP Network Camera
sku 4X-PZ7152
The  4X-PZ7152
  Pan/Tilt/Zoom  Wireless  PTZ  IP  Network  Camera 
offers a multitude of features and has been designed with a progressive 
scan CCD image sensor to deliver superior-quality, crystal-clear video 
for professional surveillance applications such as monitoring banks, 
airports,  parking  lots,  and  traffic  control.  This  camera  can  capture 
clear, sharp, high-resolution images of moving objects that traditional 
interlaced-scan  cameras  are  not  able  to  achieve.  The  4X-PZ7152 
features  a  350-degree  horizontal  and  125-degree  vertical  range  of 
capture, offering  a  wide-angle view  as  well as  a  2.8x Optical Zoom, 
Auto Focus Auto Iris lens to achieve the precise angle of view indoors 
or outdoors when used with an enclosure like the IPCAMENCLODHF. 
Features include 802.11g Wireless support, two-way audio capability, 
and 3G mobile phone support making this network camera a superior 
surveillance and security solution.
Simultaneous dual streaming of MPEG-4 and MJPEG provides different 
resolutions to different devices. Users can therefore view and record on a PC at 30 fps in VGA resolution as well as remotely 
view through a 3GPP device such as a PDA or cell phone at another resolution at the same time. 
The support for 3GPP mobile surveillance allows you to view live video from your Internet capable PDA or cellular equipped 
with a 3GPP player. Video surveillance on the go! Built-in 802.3af compliant PoE makes the 4X-PZ7152 a powerful, cost-
effective IP surveillance system solution for various indoor applications.
This high performance camera delivers superb image quality and is perfect for any indoor or outdoor surveillance application. 
Two-way audio capabilities allow real time audio and video recording as well as real time two-way communication.
All 4XEM cameras have built-in customizable motion detection that can be programmed to send detected movement 
snapshots to specified FTP sites or email addresses. 32 Camera monitoring and recording software is included with the 
flexibility of recording on pre-determined daily schedules or based on your programmed motion detection, or both!
¼” SONY Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor
2.6x Optical Zoom Auto Focus Auto Iris Lens
Motorized Pan/Tilt (Pan: +175° ~ -175°; Tilt: +90° ~ -35°)
Real-time MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression (Dual Codec)
Supports Simultaneous Dual Streams
3GPP Mobile Surveillance Support
Two-Way Audio Support
Built-in Microphone and Microphone Input Port
802.11g Wireless Support
Digital I/O for External Sensors and Alarms
Up to 30fps in VGA Resolution – 640x480
Multi-window Motion Detection
Includes 32 camera Monitoring & Recording Software
32  Camera
Monitoring  &  Recording
S o f t w a r e