Bosch B10CB80NV Owner's Manual

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Do not store bottled or canned drinks (especially 
carbonated drinks) in the freezer compartment. 
Bottles and cans may burst!
Never put frozen food straight from the freezer 
compartment into your mouth. 
Risk of low-temperature burns!
Avoid prolonged touching of frozen food, ice or the 
evaporator pipes, etc. 
Risk of low-temperature burns!
Children in the household
Keep children away from packaging and its parts. 
Danger of suffocation from folding cartons and cling 
Do not allow children to play with the appliance!
If the appliance features a lock:  
keep the key out of the reach of children!
General regulations
The appliance is suitable
for refrigerating and freezing food,
for making ice.
This appliance is intended for use in the home 
and the home environment.
State of California Proposition 65 
This product contains chemicals known to the State of 
California to cause cancer, birth defects or other 
reproductive harm.
Information concerning 
 Disposal of packaging
The packaging protects your appliance from damage 
during transit. All utilized materials are environmentally 
safe and recyclable Please help us by disposing the 
packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local authority 
about current means of disposal.
 Disposal of your old appliance
Old appliances are not worthless rubbish! Valuable raw 
materials can be reclaimed by recycling old appliances.
Redundant appliances
1. Pull out the mains plug.
2. Cut off the power cord and discard with 
the mains plug.
3. Do not take out the trays and receptacles: 
children are therefore prevented from climbing 
4. To prevent children from becoming locked in 
the redundant appliance:
Remove appliance doors!
5. Do not allow children to play with the 
appliance once it has spent its useful life. Risk 
of suffocation!
Refrigerators contain refrigerant and gases in 
the insulation. Refrigerant and gases must be disposed 
of professionally. Ensure that tubing of the refrigerant 
circuit is not damaged prior to proper disposal. 
Scope of delivery
After unpacking all parts, check for any damage 
in transit.
If you have any complaints, please contact the dealer 
from whom you purchased the appliance or our 
customer service.
The delivery consists of the following parts:
Free-standing appliance
Interior fittings (depending on model)
Bag containing installation materials
Operating instructions
Installation instructions
Customer service booklet
Warranty enclosure
Information on the energy consumption and noises