Philips PL-659 User Manual

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Pelican’s Console Protection Guarantee assures you of Pelican’s commit-
ment to quality and customer satisfaction.  The Protection Guarantee war-
rants the connection (the plug port of the video game console and the plug
of the Pelican controller) between the controller and your video game con-
sole system., i.e., that with the proper use of our controller (see manual)
we agree to replace or repair your video game system in the event that our
controller directly causes damage to your game console as a result of our
controller failing to perform properly.  Circumstances that may causes our
protection guarantee to take effect might be one of the following: the video
game console does not acknowledge a controller which has been plugged
in, original controller fails to operate after using a Pelican controller, other
non-pad controllers fail to operate after using a Pelican Controller.  This
protection warranty does not include the video game power supply, any
part relating to the CD/DVD load and read mechanism, internal operating
system, nor the cabinet of the video game system.  This warranty will not
apply if the Pelican controller is not used as directed in the product manu-
al enclosed. For further information or help please contact us toll free at 
(800) 331-3844 or on line at