DataVideo TBC-1000 User Manual

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Single Channel Full Frame 4:2:2 Time Base 
Make copies of your video without noticeable signal loss or noise.  Now you can correct an unstable video source before 
you make copies.  The TBC-1000 is a digital full frame synchronizer that replaces all sync signals from the source.  The 
result is clean transfers and clear copies.  With a built-in four output distribution amplifier for audio and video, you can 
quickly make multiple copies with professional results. 
  Re-generates all the sync signals to stabilize the 
  Frame Synchronization with full frame memory 
  Built-in four output distribution amplifier for stereo 
audio, composite 
and Y/C video 
  Wide bandwidth, Y/C in 4.5 MHz, composite in 3.5 
  Low Noise, S/N ratio >50dB 
  8-bit video resolution, 4:2:2 sampling rate 
  PAL/NTSC system auto detect