DELL N3000 User Manual

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Discovering Network Devices
ISDP Interface Configuration
From the ISDP Interface Configuration page, you can configure the ISDP 
settings for each interface.
If ISDP is enabled on an interface, it must also be enabled globally in order 
for the interface to transmit ISDP packets. If the ISDP mode on the ISDP 
Global Configuration page is disabled, the interface will not transmit ISDP 
packets, regardless of the mode configured on the interface.
To access the ISDP Interface Configuration page, click System → ISDP → 
Interface Configuration in the navigation panel.
Figure 23-3. ISDP Interface Configuration
To view view the ISDP mode for multiple interfaces, click Show All.
Figure 23-4. ISDP Interface Summary
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