VIZIO M420NV User Manual

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VIZIO M420NV User Manual 
Color Temperature 
Color Temperature is the “warmness” or “coolness” of the white areas of the picture. Choose from 
CustomCoolComputer, or NormalNormal is the setting for television broadcasting. Custom 
allows you to set a preset calibrated for a white point to suit individual preferences. Cool 
produces a blue-hued image. Computer sets the white point at the established setting for a 
computer display (9300K). Each preset may also be adjusted for a customized setting. 
Advanced Picture  
To select the options in the Advanced Picture sub-menu, press OK. A new menu will be 
displayed showing the advanced functions available for fine tuning of the picture.  
•  Smooth Motion Effect  
The Smooth Motion
 Effect option activates Motion 
Estimation/Motion Compensation (ME/MC), which 
suppresses motion judder, or “stuttering” of the image 
when the camera pans across a scene, or there is 
horizontal motion in the scene. Choose from Off, Low, 
or High
•  Real Cinema Mode 
The Real Cinema Mode option allows selection of the 
type of compensation used for the Smooth Motion
Effect option. Choose from OffPrecision and Smooth
•  Noise Reduction 
This feature diminishes picture artifacts caused by the 
digitizing of image motion content that may be present in 
the picture. Choose from OffLow
Medium, or High
Reduces white areas between color boundaries. Choose 
from Off, Low, Medium or Strong.  
•  Color Enhancement  
This feature increases the picture reproduction performance of the picture by reducing 
oversaturation of certain colors and improving flesh tones. Choose from OffNormal
Rich ColorGrn/Flesh, and Grn/Blue
•  Adaptive Luma  
Large areas of brightness in the picture will result in a higher Average Picture Level (APL) 
and the overall picture will look too light. This feature will lower the APL to counteract this 
effect. Choose from OffLowMediumStrong, or Extend
•  Film Mode  
Choose from Off or Auto. When set to Off it will stay at 60 fps. When set to Auto, the TV 
will detect the cadence (for example at 24 frames/second for film, or normal video at 60 
•  Backlight Control 
Set this feature to OFFDCR, or OPCDCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) improves the black 
level performance and increases contrast ratio. OPC (Optimum Power Control) Reduces 
power consumption while maintaining the same picture brightness. 
•  Ambient Light Sensor   
Choose Off, Low, Medium, or High. When set to Low, Medium, or High your HDTV will 
automatically adjust to light changes in the room.