Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Enterprise Edition MG2CPSE0001 User Manual

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Server 4.5
Gartner RAS Core Research Note G00149534, Federica Troni, 11 July 2007 RA2 01232008
Citrix Presentation Server has been broadly deployed by
enterprises for specific Windows client/server applications, but
its pure server-based delivery model was not sufficient for all
requirements. With the addition of new features and delivery
models in version 4.5, Presentation Server now caters to a
broader spectrum of users and use needs.
Key Findings
Application virtualization, application streaming and desktop broker features complement
Citrix's traditional server-based computing functionality and help overcome some of its
use limitations.
The introduction of application virtualization and application streaming technologies to
version 4.5 of Presentation Server means the product is effectively competing with
Microsoft's SoftGrid product on these features.
Compatibility with established PC configuration tools is a key criterion in evaluating an
application streaming and application virtualization technology.
Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 should be considered when the majority of Windows applications
will be delivered using a server-based approach. Application virtualization, along with application
streaming and the desktop broker features, accommodates broader use requirements.
Organizations evaluating the application streaming capabilities of Presentation Server 4.5
to deliver applications outside the Presentation Server environment should consider
integrating them with their PC configuration tools.
Plan for specific training for staff using the packaging and profiling process of application
With the release of version 4.5 of its Presentation Server product, Citrix has improved its
traditional server-based computing capabilities and added new options for delivering
Windows applications to users through application streaming and desktop broker features.
These new functionalities overcome some of the limitations of server-based computing and
can accommodate a broader set of user requirements, while facilitating centralized control of
applications and data.
The most interesting additions to Presentation Server v.4.5 are application streaming and
application virtualization. Application streaming is gaining popularity for delivering applications
from the central site to remote users. Although the application resides in a centralized