Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Manual De Usuario

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Setting the clock
The clock is not set when the camera is shipped.
Disconnect the unit from the AC adaptor (supplied).
Press the Camera [ON/OFF] 
button ( )
Press [MENU/SET] ( )
Press     to select the items 
(year, month, day, hour, 
minute, display order or time 
display format), and press     
to set
Press [MENU/SET] to set
 •To cancel → Press [
] button.
Confirm the setting and press [MENU/SET]
 •To return to the previous screen, press [
] button.
Press   to select [Yes] and press [MENU/SET] 
if automatically correcting time of day using the 
GPS function
 •To manually set date and time →select [No].
 •When you select automatic time adjustment using the GPS 
function, [GPS Setting] is set to [ON].