Panasonic DMC-TZ40 Manual De Usuario

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 (ENG) VQT4T06
Easily connect to a smartphone/tablet
Use the NFC (Near Field Communication) function to easily connect 
this unit to a smartphone/tablet with Wi-Fi for remote recording and to 
send pictures to the smartphone/tablet.
 •This function can be used with NFC compatible devices with Android 
(2.3.3 or above). (Not available in certain models)
Preparation on the smartphone/tablet side
 •Install “Image App” in advance
 •Set Wi-Fi function to “ON” 
(For information on how to adjust settings, please read the manual 
for your smartphone/tablet)
When manually connecting without the NFC function
Operating this unit
  Press the [Wi-Fi] button
  Press         to select [New Connection] and press 
  Press     to select [Remote Shooting] and press [MENU/SET]
On your smartphone/tablet
  Select the SSID displayed on the camera, and enter the 
 •The SSID displayed differs depending on the connection method.
 •To connect [Via Network], select a wireless access point and adjust 
the settings.
  Start up “Image App”
 •When the connection is complete, live images captured by the 
camera will be displayed on the “Image App” screen.