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 Different playback methods
Playback Mode: 
Recorded pictures can be played back in a variety of ways. 
When no card is inserted, pictures (except [CLIPBOARD] pictures) are played back 
from the built-in memory.
The [PLAYBACK MODE] automatically becomes [NORMAL PLAY] when the REC/PLAY 
switch is set to   and the power is turned on, or when switching from Recording Mode 
to Playback Mode.
[FAVORITE PLAY] is only displayed when pictures have been set as [FAVORITE] and 
the setting is [ON].
Set to 
Set to a position other than 
Display the screen for Playback 
Mode selection
Select the Playback Mode from 
Automatically play pictures in order and to music. Recommended when viewing on TV 
Select the playback method
• [ ALL] : Play all
• [PICTURE ONLY]:  Plays back still pictures and still pictures 
with audio
• [VIDEO ONLY]:  Playback of motion pictures only
Selects place name or landmark to play back pictures 
recorded in the same place. (Use ▲▼◄► to select 
place name or landmark and press [MENU/SET]) (→121)
• [TRAVEL]:  Play only pictures that were recorded with the 
 Select category and playback still pictures only. 
(Select category with ▲▼◄► and press [MENU/SET].) 
• [FAVORITE]:  Play pictures set as [FAVORITE]
(displayed only when [FAVORITE] pictures 
have been set and setting is [ON]).
Set playback effects
[EFFECT] (Select music and effects 
according to picture atmosphere)
Camera selects optimum effect 
from [NATURAL], [SLOW], 
[SWING], and [URBAN] (only 
available with [CATEGORY 
SELECTION] setting)
[NATURAL]  Play with relaxed music and 
screen transition effects
Play with livelier music and 
screen transition effects
No effects
∗  If [VIDEO ONLY] was selected in step  , 
[EFFECT] is fixed at [OFF]. Also, the duration 
cannot be set.
[1 SEC.] / [2 SEC.] / [3 SEC.] / 
[5 SEC.] (Only available when 
[EFFECT] is [OFF])
[OFF]/[ON] (Repeat)
[OFF]:  Music and audio will not 
play back.
With still pictures, music will 
play back, and with motion 
pictures or still pictures with 
audio, audio will play back.
Music effect will play back. 
Audio is played back from 
motion pictures or still 
pictures with audio. 
Select [START] with ▲ and press [MENU/SET]
• Press   to return to the menu screen during Slide Show.
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