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Recording the place of recording with GPS
Recording Mode: 
Record only (Cannot set)
 Using GPS to set the Clock 
Using the date and time information in the GPS signal, the camera can automatically 
update its [CLOCK SET]. Also, after moving from your home area to one in a different 
time zone, the time is changed to the local time automatically when positioning is 
successful. Perform [CLOCK SET] in advance.
Select [AUTO CLOCK SET] (→20) from the [TRAVEL MODE] 
Select [ON] 
Perform the operations from step   in “Setting the Clock” 
(first time only) (→17)
During positioning, if there is a difference of 1 minute or more between the GPS time 
information and the [CLOCK SET] time, the time is corrected automatically.
When [AUTO CLOCK SET] is turned to [ON], [WORLD TIME] is set to [AUTO]. 
When [WORLD TIME] is set to something other than [AUTO], [AUTO CLOCK SET] is 
turned to [OFF]. 
Time and date corrected by [AUTO CLOCK SET] is not as accurate as radio clocks. If 
the time and date are not properly corrected, reset with [CLOCK SET].
If you do not wish to record place names and landmarks 
In step  , select [DELETE ALL PLACE-NAMES] and place names and landmarks will 
not be recorded.
Or, in step  , if you select [YES] when a message asking whether to delete place 
names and landmarks lower than the selected place name, information of the place 
name will not be recorded (e.g., city and town names and landmarks if specifying a 
prefecture name).
• However, longitude and latitude will be recorded. If you do not wish to record them, 
turn [GPS SETTING] to [OFF].
In large public parks or similar locations, landmarks may not be displayed, or 
incorrect landmarks may be displayed. If you cannot select the desired landmark in 
[GPS AREA SELECT], perform [PLACE-NAME EDIT] after recording. (→127)
Changing the display of location name information
The screen display of location name information found by 
positioning can be changed.
Location name information
Select [AREA INFO. SET] (→20) from the [TRAVEL MODE] menu
Select the item to change the display
Turn items to be displayed [ON] and items not to be displayed 
[GPS SETTING] is not available in the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5.
Return to the menu screen
In the following cases, “- - -” is displayed.
• There is no location name information to display
• There are no nearby landmarks (It may be possible to select landmarks in [GPS 
When the text of the location name information is long, such as when multiple items are 
set for display, a scroll display is used.
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