IBM 32 Prospecto

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Thank you for recycling. By returning your empty cartridge to us for
remanufacturing not only do you save money but you also help protect the
environment. Every cartridge that you recycle is 1 less non-biodegradable item
occupying space in our landfills.
1. Place your empty cartridge and used cleaning pad in the storage bag that came
with your new cartridge.
2. Place the bagged empty cartridge in the cardboard insert located in your new
3. Remove any existing labels from the carton. Complete the UPS shipping label
provided in your recycling packet by writing your company name and address
in the designated area.
4. Apply the UPS label to the center of the carton flap.
NOTE: If you are returning 1 laser toner cartridge place the UPS label on
the top of the individual carton. If you are returning 8 or more cartridges
place the UPS label on the master carton. On returns of 8 or more, master
cartons are available. For more information contact your local distributor.
5. Give the carton to the UPS delivery person.