Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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PC Health Monitor
PC Health Monitor
(Available on certain models.)
The PC Health Monitor software program monitors computer 
system functions such as power consumption, the cooling system 
and the 3D Accelerometer (available on certain models). It alerts 
users to specific system conditions via pop-up messages. It also 
tracks the usage of the computer and related devices and logs 
service-relevant information on the computer's internal storage 
The collected information includes device operation time and 
number of actuations or status changes (e.g.: number of power 
button and 
 key combination uses, and AC adaptor, battery, LCD, 
fan, HDD, sound volume, wireless communication switch, docking 
and USB information), date of initial system use, and also computer 
and device usage (e.g.: power settings, battery temperature and 
recharging, CPU, memory, and temperatures for various devices). 
The collected information is not limited to the examples specified 
here. The stored data uses a very small portion of the total hard disk 
capacity (approximately 3 MB or less per year).
This information is used to identify and provide a notification of 
system conditions that may affect the performance of your 
TOSHIBA computer. It may also be used to help diagnose problems 
should the computer require service by TOSHIBA or TOSHIBA's 
authorized service providers. Additionally, TOSHIBA may use this 
information for quality assurance analysis.
Subject to the use restrictions above, the data logged on the internal 
storage drive may be transferred to entities located outside of your 
country or region of residence (e.g., European Union). Those 
countries may or may not have the same data protection laws or 
data protection levels as required by your home country or region.
You may disable the PC Health Monitor at any time by uninstalling 
the software via the Windows
 Control Panel. Doing so will 
automatically delete all collected information from the internal 
storage drive.
The PC Health Monitor software does not extend or modify 
TOSHIBA's obligations under its standard limited warranty in any 
way. TOSHIBA's standard limited warranty terms and limitations 
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