Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Getting Started
Setting up your computer
Setting up your computer
TECHNICAL NOTE: You must complete all setup steps up to and 
 before adding 
external or internal components to your computer. These 
components include, but are not limited to, a mouse, keyboard, 
printer, and memory.
Your computer contains a rechargeable main battery that needs to 
be charged before you can use it.
To use external power or to charge the battery you must attach the 
AC adaptor. See 
Please handle your computer carefully to avoid scratching or 
damaging the surface.
Connecting to a power source
Your computer requires power to operate. Use the power cord/cable 
and AC adaptor to connect the computer to a live electrical outlet, 
or to charge the computer’s battery. 
Never pull on a power cord/cable to remove a plug from a socket. 
Always grasp the plug directly. Failure to follow this instruction may 
damage the cord/cable, and/or result in a fire or electric shock, 
possibly resulting in serious injury.
Always confirm that the power plug (and extension cable plug if 
used) has been fully inserted into the socket, to ensure a secure 
electrical connection. Failure to do so may result in a fire or electric 
shock, possibly resulting in serious injury.
Be careful if you use a multiple connector. An overload on one socket 
could cause a fire or electric shock, possibly resulting in serious