Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Getting Started
Caring for your computer
You may also wish to customize your power usage settings. For 
more information, see 
additional custom settings you can choose. See 
Caring for your computer
This section gives tips on cleaning and moving your computer. For 
information about taking care of your computer’s battery, see 
Please handle your computer carefully to avoid scratching or 
damaging the surface.
Cleaning the computer
Keep liquids, including cleaning fluid, out of the computer’s 
keyboard, speaker, and other openings. Never spray cleaner directly 
onto the computer and/or display. Never use harsh or caustic 
chemical products to clean the computer.
To keep your computer clean, gently wipe the display panel and 
exterior case with a lightly dampened cloth.
Moving the computer
Before moving your computer, even across the room, make sure all 
drive activity has ended (the internal storage drive and optical disc 
drive indicator lights stop glowing) and all external peripheral 
cables are disconnected.
Do not pick up the computer by its display panel or by the back. 
Doing so could damage the system.
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