Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Learning the Basics
Using the keyboard
Use Error-checking and Disk Defragmenter regularly to check 
and optimize disk space and improve performance. 
Scan all new files for viruses.
This precaution is especially important for files you receive via 
external media, email, or download from the Internet. 
Take frequent breaks to avoid repetitive-motion injuries and 
Do not turn off the computer if a drive indicator light indicates 
a drive is active.
Turning off the computer while it is reading from or writing to 
a disk may damage the disk, the drive, or both.
The Windows
 operating system records information, such as your 
desktop setup, during its shutdown procedure. If you do not let the 
 operating system shut down normally, details such as 
new icon positions may be lost.
Using the keyboard
Your computer’s keyboard contains character keys, control keys, 
function keys, and special Windows
(Sample Illustration) Keyboard
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