Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Mobile Computing
Running the computer on battery power
Power management
Your computer ships with the power management options preset 
to a configuration that will provide the most stable operating 
environment and optimum system performance for both AC power 
and battery modes.
Changes to these settings may result in system performance or 
stability issues. Users who are not completely familiar with the power 
management component of the system should use the preset 
configuration. For assistance with setup changes, contact Toshiba’s 
Customer Support Center.
Charging the main battery
The battery needs to be charged before you can use it to power the 
To charge the main battery, plug the computer into a live electrical 
outlet. The battery charges whether the computer is on or off.
TECHNICAL NOTE: The recharging of the battery cannot occur when 
your computer is using all of the power provided by the AC adaptor to 
run applications, features, and devices. Your computer's Power Options 
utility can be used to select a power level setting that reduces the power 
required for system operation and will allow the battery to recharge.
The battery may not start charging immediately under the following 
The battery is extremely hot or cold. 
To ensure that the battery charges to its full capacity, wait until 
it reaches room temperature (50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 to 
26 degrees Celsius).
The battery is almost completely discharged. 
Leave the power connected and the battery should begin 
charging after a few minutes.
HINT: Once the battery is fully charged, we recommend that you 
operate your computer on battery power until the battery discharges 
completely. Doing this extends battery life and helps ensure accurate 
monitoring of battery capacity.
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