Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Exploring Your Computer’s Features
Using the Web Camera
TECHNICAL NOTE: When using amplified speakers, use speakers 
that require an external power source. Other types of speakers will be 
inadequate to produce sound from the computer.
To play back sound files through external speakers or headphones:
Locate the headphone jack on the computer.
Using any necessary adapters, plug the cable from the 
headphones or external speakers into the headphone jack. 
The headphone jack requires a 16-ohm stereo mini connector.
To adjust the volume:
For external speakers, use the volume controls on each speaker.
For headphones, use the computer’s volume control.
Using the Web Camera
(Available on certain models.)
Your computer may come with a built-in Web Camera. With this 
Web Camera you can do the following:
Take pictures and record videos with your computer
Chat with others and have them see you while using instant 
messaging (IM) applications
Have video conference calls
To email, instant message or video conference, you must be 
connected to the Internet.
Depending on your computer model, the process of sending email, 
taking pictures or recording video messages may vary. 
To access the Web Camera, on the Start screen click the Camera 
tile. The Web Camera indicator light glows when the Web Camera 
is active.
When the Web Camera is not active, the indicator light is off.
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