Toshiba Z930-S9311 Manual De Usuario

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Setting passwords
Setting passwords
Setting a password lets you walk away from your computer while 
providing additional protection for your files. When you set a 
password, you must enter the password before you can work on 
your computer again.
TOSHIBA supports different types of passwords on your computer:
A supervisor password—Prohibits unauthorized users from 
accessing certain functions within System Settings. This is 
useful if more than one person uses the computer. 
A user password—Prevents unauthorized users from starting 
the computer.
When setting up passwords, keep the following in mind:
The supervisor password must be set before the user password, 
or the user password must be deleted and then re-entered after 
the supervisor password is set.
The user password can be set up under the supervisor 
Using a supervisor password
A supervisor password prevents other users from changing 
hardware configuration options.
Setting a supervisor password
If you choose to set a supervisor or user password, TOSHIBA 
strongly recommends that you save your password in a location 
where you can later access it should you not remember it.
TOSHIBA is not responsible for any losses that may occur to you, your 
organization or others as a result of the inability to access your 
To set a supervisor password:
To access Supervisor Password from the Start screen begin 
typing Supervisor Password, or while in the Desktop screen 
double-click the Desktop Assist icon.
Click Tools & Utilities.
Click Supervisor Password.
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