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Router Table Assembly
ATTACH THE DOOR (Figs. 6 and 7)
HINT: Applying bar soap or bees wax to the screw
threads will make them easier to install into the panels.
1. With the bumps on the catch plate against the door
surface, attach the metal catch plate (13B) to the
inside of the narrow end of the door with a 5/8
″ lg.
flat-head Phillips wood screw (35). The edge of the
catch plate should be even with the edge of the door
(Fig. 6).
2. Attach the door hinges (12) to the left side panel with
two 5/8
″ lg. flat-head Phillips wood screws (35) on
each hinge (Fig. 7).
3. Attach the magnetic catch (13A) to the inside of the
right side panel using two 5/8
″ lg. flat-head Phillips
wood screws (35) (Fig. 7).
4. Slowly open and close the door, making sure that it
moves freely and does not rub on the base or top, 
does not come in contact with the switch assembly,
and that it latches correctly.
• If the door rubs, make sure the side panels and
switch are assembled correctly.
• If the magnetic catch does not contact the 
catch plate, loosen the screws on the magnetic
catch and reposition it using the slotted holes 
in the catch.
Back Side of Door
FIG. 6