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BT-87-TP Instructions
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Pair Button
Pair LED
Microsoft Bluetooth® Pairing Instructions
The recommended software that has proven compatibility 
with the BT-87-TP is Toshiba’s Bluetooth® Stack for Windows.  In 
order to connect your BT-87-TP to your computer, you will 
need an input device already connected to your computer.  
This will allow you to have your computer search for the 
1. Make sure that the Bluetooth® Radio in your PC or laptop is 
enabled and able to pair with other devices.
2. Open your computer’s Bluetooth® Settings window (Start 
Control Panel 
) Bluetooth® ) Bluetooth® Settings)
3. Place the BT-87-TP in ‘discoverable’ mode by holding the Pair 
button down until the ‘Pair’ LED (located at the lower right 
hand side of keyboard) blinks three times, then release the Pair 
button.  The Pair LED will then continue to blink steadily until 
the unit is paired with the computer.
4. In the Bluetooth® Settings window, select New Connection 
or Add (depending on your software).  If your software gives 
the option, choose Express discovery mode then click Next.
5. Once the list of available devices shows up, select the device 
titled ‘iKey’.
6. Depending upon your Bluetooth driver, your computer may 
require you to enter a passkey or device code.  If available, use 
the automatically generated/assigned code option. Enter in 
the 4 to 6 digit numeric code that is on screen using the 
dedicated number keys located above the QWERTY row on 
your BT-87-TP.  Press the Enter key on your iKey unit.
7. Your computer will go through an automated New Hardware 
Found process.  You will probably get a notification that the 
New Hardware is ready to use.  Your BT-87-TP is now paired 
with your computer and is ready to use!
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Mac Bluetooth® Pairing Instructions
iKey’s BT-87-TP unit is compatible with Mac computers that 
have built in Bluetooth functionality.  The Windows key on 
our keyboard layout functions as the Apple Key that is on a 
standard Mac keyboard.  There is also Right click 
functionality with the BT-87-TP right mouse button.  This is 
essentially a Ctrl + Click that is the standard Mac function 
equivalent to a Windows right click.
1. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar at the top 
right of the home screen.
2. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on.
3. Select “Set up Bluetooth Device”.
4. Select “Continue”.
5. Select “Keyboard” then Continue.
6. Place the BT-87-TP in ‘discoverable’ mode by holding the 
Pair button down until the ‘Pair’ LED (located at the lower 
right hand side of keyboard) blinks three times, then 
release the Pair button.  The Pair LED will then continue to 
blink steadily until the unit is paired with the computer.
7. Select “iKey” from the list of keyboard devices that will 
appear on your screen and click “Continue”.
8. Enter the numeric code given by the wizard using the 
BT-87-TP unit then press the “Enter” key.
9. Follow the on screen prompts to identify what type of 
keyboard you are using (English, EU, or Japanese)
10. Your iKey BT-87-TP is equivalent to the US English 
101/102 keyboard.
11. The unit will then be paired with the Mac and ready for