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The Adaptec DuraLAN family of Fast Ethernet
network interface cards (NICs), maximizes the
performance and connectivity of your network.
The DuraLAN family consists of single, dual,
and quad port designs. A truly scalable and
flexible product family, there is a DuraLAN
NIC at the right price point and performance
level for every application.
Duralink64™ Software
The entire DuraLAN family is supported by
Adaptec’s innovative Duralink64 Software Suite.
The software suite includes performance
enhancing Port Aggregation Software, Failover
Software for improved network availability,
together with Server Manager Software for
increased network manageability, including
Dynamic Load Balancing across 
multiple ports.
The Adaptec Single64 (ANA-62011) supports
full duplex transfers and provides network
connectivity for a variety of desktop, work-
station, and server applications. The Single64
is the introductory server NIC from Adaptec.
Multi-Port NICs
Adaptec’s DuraLAN family of multi-port NICs
supports those mission-critical applications
where network performance and availability
are of utmost importance. Whether you are
building a clustered server farm for datacenter
operations, or the front end of your company’s
e-commerce site, Adaptec’s multi-port NICs
will be an integral part of your network.
The Adaptec Duo64 (ANA-64022LV) supports
Duralink64 Failover and Port Aggregation
Software and is designed for increased band-
width, reliability, and network availability.
This dual port NIC offers two-port redundancy,
double throughput aggregated performance,
and failover security benefits, all in one PCI slot.
The Adaptec Quartet66 (ANA-64044LV),
a quad-port NIC, provides benefits made 
possible only in a quad-port design. Designed
for enterprise environments, the Quartet66
maximizes system performance, network
availability, and system scalability by providing
four independent ports from a single PCI slot.
Four independent ports provide multi-port
redundancy and failover protection where
network availability is critical. Alternatively,
the four independent ports can be aggregated
together for maximum throughput perform-
ance, up to 800 Mbit/sec.
Scalable Solutions
There is an Adaptec server-centric NIC at the
right performance level and price point for
every need. Mix any combination of Adaptec
single-port and multi-port DuraLAN server
NICs depending on your unique application.
Integrate them with Adaptec Duralink64
bandwidth enhancement software to improve
system performance, resiliency, and manage-
ability without expensive network overhauls.
Only Adaptec takes such a comprehensive
approach to improving server performance
and availability.
N E T W O R K   S T O R A G E
D A T A   S H E E T
of Fast Ethernet Network Interface Cards
Providing innovative network inter face solutions
DuraLAN Family Highlights
Single, Dual, and Quad Port
Up to 800 Mbit/sec
Throughput Performance
Innovative Duralink64 Failover
Software for Enhanced Network
Performance Enhancing
Duralink64 Port Aggregation
Software for Maximum
Driver Support for Windows NT,
XP, Me, 98, and 2000, Novell
NetWare, UnixWare, and Linux
Dynamic Load Balancing
Across Multiple Ports
Extensive Interoperability