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Los códigos de productos
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The goals of web design
Lesson 1, Planning Your Website
A visually exciting movie poster’s call to action might be, “Go see this movie!” 
A political campaign displays signs with the call to action, “Vote for me!”
An advertisement in a magazine off ering a free sample might have the call to action, 
“Contact us to learn more!” 
In this 19th century advertisement the call to action implores the customer to 
see the product before going home.
Compare a print fl yer for a shoe sale with its online counterpart. The call to action for the 
print fl yer is, “Show up at the store this Saturday to buy these shoes at a discount.” The 
information regarding the sale might be enough to compel the customer to get in their car 
and go shoe shopping on Saturday, but the designer helps to present the information in a 
way that is well organized and gets noticed. Using color, type, and perhaps an illustration or 
image, the designer helps to convince the potential customer of the value of this sale.
In some sense, you could say that the print designer’s job is done when she sends the fi le 
off  to the printer. If the customer shows up in the store, it becomes the salesperson’s job to 
complete the sale. 
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