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Routine Maintenance
When Printing Becomes Faint or Colors Are Incorrect
When printing becomes faint or colors are incorrect even if ink remains in the ink tanks, the print 
head nozzles are probably clogged. Print the nozzle check pattern to confirm the condition of the 
nozzles and then perform Print Head Cleaning.
If the ruled lines are shifted after running print head maintenance, align the Print Head.
If the Ruled Lines Are Shifted
Before performing maintenance
Open the Top Cover and make sure that all lamps for the ink tanks are lit red.
– If any one of the lamps is flashing slowly, the associated ink tank is running low. You can continue 
printing for a while, but we recommend you to have a replacement ink tank available.
– If any one of the lamps is flashing fast, the associated ink tank is empty. Replace the ink tank.
See “Replacing Ink Tanks” on page 31.
If an ink lamp is flashing fast even though ink remains in that ink tank, it is inserted in the wrong 
position. Make sure that the ink tank of the correct color is inserted in each position, matching the 
label. See “Replacing an Ink Tank” on page 26.
– If the ink tank lamp is not lit, the tank is not set properly. Press the 
 mark on the ink tank until the 
tank clicks into place. Make sure that all packaging material is peeled off the ink tank. See “Prepare 
the replacement tank.” on page 32.
Increase the Print Quality setting in the printer driver settings.
See “Print Results Not Satisfactory” on page 64.
Step 1
See “Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern” on page 36.
If lines are missing or if white streaks appear
After cleaning the 
Print Head, print 
and examine the 
nozzle check 
Step 2
See “Print Head Cleaning” on page 39.
If the problem is not resolved after performing 
Print Head Cleaning twice
Step 3
See “Print Head Deep Cleaning” on page 42.
If Print Head Deep Cleaning does not resolve the problem, the Print Head may be damaged. Contact your 
Canon service representative.
Step 1
See “Aligning the Print Head” on page 44.