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Routine Maintenance
Print Head Deep Cleaning
If print quality does not improve by standard Print Head Cleaning, try Print Head Deep Cleaning, 
which is a more powerful process. Note that cleaning the Print Head causes used ink to be absorbed 
in the ink absorber. Print Head Deep Cleaning consumes more ink than standard Print Head 
Cleaning, so perform this procedure only when necessary.
With the printer on, load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet 
Feeder or Cassette.
Press the Open Button to open the Paper Output Tray and extend the Output Tray 
Open the printer properties dialog box.
Start Print Head Deep Cleaning.
(1) Click the Maintenance tab.
(2) Click Deep Cleaning.
(3) Select the ink group to be deeply cleaned.
When cleaning the nozzles of black ink tanks: 
Select Black to clean the nozzles of PGI-5BK, 
Color to clean the nozzles of CLI-8BK.
(4) Click Execute.
(5) When the confirmation message is displayed, 
click OK
Print Head Deep Cleaning starts when the POWER lamp starts flashing green.
Do not perform any other operations until Print Head Deep Cleaning finishes. This takes 
about 75 seconds.
Check the condition of the Print Head.
(1) Print the nozzle check pattern to check the print head condition.
See “Printing the Nozzle Check Pattern” on page 36.
If a particular color is not printed properly, replace the ink tank of that color.
See “Replacing an Ink Tank” on page 26.
(2) If the print head nozzles are still not clean, turn off the printer and perform another Print 
Head Deep Cleaning after 24 hours.
(3) If this does not solve the problem, the Print Head may be damaged. Contact your Canon 
service representative.
Make sure that the Inner Cover is closed.
Clicking Initial Check Items displays the items to 
be checked before deep cleaning.