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File Names
Log Data Saved on Memory Cards
 The log data is saved in the “NCFL“ folder.
• Location logs: Up to 36 files can be recorded a day and up to 100 files can be 
recorded on a memory card.
• Altitude/water depth logs: Up to 34 files can be recorded each per day and a 
combined total of 100 files can be recorded on a memory card.
(1) Date
Date (last two digits of the year, and the month and day in 
YYMMDD format) on which the log recording was started is 
assigned automatically. 
(2) Identification 
To manage log data events that are recorded on the same date, 
ID numbers are assigned automatically in an ascending order, 
starting from “0”, in the order in which they are recorded.
• Location logs: A total of 36 alphanumeric characters consisting 
of the numbers 0 to 9 or the letters A to Z.
• Altitude/water depth logs: A total of 34 alphanumeric 
characters consisting of the numbers 0 to 9 or the letters A to Z 
except I and O.
(3) Extension
Signifies the file type
Location logs
Altitude logs
Water depth logs
File name : N171115 0 .LOG
(2) (3)