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Osmo Mobile User Manual 
 2016 DJI All Rights Reserved. 
 : Camera Preference
Select the video resolution, flash status and enable on-screen composition grids. 
Enable Manual Adjustment for ISO, Shutter Speed and White Balance control. Currently 
available on iOS only.
 : Home
Tap to navigate to the home screen.
[12]  Flash Status
Displays the current status of the Flash.
[13]  Battery Level
Displays the current battery level.
Put two fingers on the screen and open to zoom in, close to zoom out. This function is 
available in the DJI GO app Metering Mode and when using your phone's rear camera only. 
Currently available on iOS only.
2. Editor
View, edit and share your masterpieces all in one place. The Editor has a range of simple 
but powerful tools that let you edit your videos and photos before sharing them online, 
minutes after they are captured.
Once you login or register your DJI account, you will be able to conveniently upload 
and share your creations. The saved photos and videos can be uploaded to Skypixel 
( and shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, 
Moments and Sina Weibo.
All of your recorded video footage will appear in ‘Original Footage’. You can trim footage 
and save it to ‘Create Movie’. Then, select multiple clips to create a movie quickly with the 
built-in editing tools and templates.
Edit your photos by adjusting the parameters, editing the photo size, adding watermarks 
3. Skypixel
View and share the photos and videos here. 
4. Me
If you already have a DJI account, you will be able to participate in forum discussions, and 
visit DJI online store here.